What you should probably know. . .

Have you ever been hungry? No, I don't mean just because you didn't eat dinner last night kind of hungry? What I'm looking for is true hunger, the kind that takes several weeks or months to accomplish? The bloated belly of little 3rd world children as their little faces look up at you with dull, painful eyes. That kind of hungry, you've seen the pictures.

We in the U.S., have never as a whole, experienced such starvation, devastation. But given current circumstances it is a very real possibility. Politics starve more people than you can ever imagine, however, mother nature is truly angry at humans and she now has skin in this game. For most of humans, the growing and delivery of their food rests on the shoulders of those who play in the dirt and the just in time delivery system. But you may not know, is that food plants stop growing at 85 degrees soil temps and a week or so of the higher temperatures kills most crops. We all know what cold temperatures do to vegetable plants. Our planet is changing, if we are to survive as a species, we have got to be more reasonable about earths resources. Don't you believe for one moment that the people in charge of this country don't know about the change coming. They do.

If you are reading this column then you are feeling the coming change, or at least aware enough to know something is amiss. Life as we knew it is in the past and what the future has in store for us won't be pretty. There have been many books written on how humans or nature will do us in, however, I bring one of these to your attention; "One Second After", by William R. Forstchen. William specialized in military history and history of technology at Purdue University. His work is an easy read, but very informative as to what your world would be like after the lights go out for years.  In this novel the main character is ex- military and takes charge of the town and offers his leadership to pull the people through until help arrives, a year later. Most towns and cities in real life won't fare as well because they will be ill prepared for a leadership role. Only about 1/4 of the given population will survive.

As I write this, a Congressman has come out with this warning;

Roscoe Bartlett:We could have events in the future where the power grid will go down and it’s not, in any reasonable time, coming back up. For instance, if when the power grid went down some of our large transformers were destroyed, damaged beyond use, we don’t make any of those in this country. They’re made overseas and you order one and 18 months to two years later they will deliver it. Our power grid is very vulnerable. It’s very much on edge. Our military knows that.

There are a number of events that could create a situation in the cities where civil unrest would be a very high probability. And, I think that those who can, and those who understand, need to take advantage of the opportunity when these winds of strife are not blowing to move their families out of the city.
Source; Urban Survival movie.

I have had people tell me that "I don't want to live in a world like that, I'll just die so I won't have to."  My first reaction to such a statement is, "You selfish bastard, who will look after the children. It's all about the children. Who will teach them to live and thrive?"
But after much consideration, my biggest fear is that people like that won't die off right away and become part of a bigger problem. They don't prepare ahead of this change that is coming and instead take from those that have eyes to see and ears to hear, have planned ahead and have taken care to protect the children.

The children are humanities future, there can be no doubt about that. They need to survive. In another book I've recently read,  the author gives a very good example of why it is important to protect the children. In the book "The Key, a true encounter", author Whitley Strieber has a dream/vision/visitation of an enlightened being. The man/visitor tells Whitley that we could be living off planet by now but the man that would have invented the power source to do this wasn't born. His parents were slaughtered during the Nazis reign of terror in WWII.
And so we are stranded here on a dying planet. Will there be another that will help humans get off the planet?    Protect the children.

This blog is dedicated to our food supply. All around the world dwindling food resources are beginning to be noticed by regular people. They are rioting, blaming their governments for the price they have to pay for food. Starvation makes people do unthinkable things. Hopefully, this blog will help make regular people aware and the regular people will take charge of their own families needs if they haven't already. I encourage you to start a food program now, from any place you can get your hands on food. Be aware that the supply of food is becoming very, very fragile. 
I offer this website as a source of reference.  A research tool, if you will. Tell as many of your family and friends that will listen, change is coming. Become a Paul Revere, we need you on the other side of *the change*.