How to Take a Bath When The Power is Out -Section 13

First of it's kind. . .

"How to Survive and Thrive When the Power is Out" is a must for keeping your ass alive and comfortable when the chaos monster  turns off normal.

Iron Mountain, Michigan-- This book has seen phenomenal sales since it's release in 2015. A handy guide/personal journal that you will want to keep coming back to. Between it's pages J.L. Noakes has, with great dedication, captured the know-how from real people who lived before the wide spread use of electricity and recoded them here before they are lost to us forever.

From their stories of basic daily living and hardships we learn how to keep food cold, meat preservation recipes, about ladies and babies needs, many herbal remedies and making soap from scratch, to a heart wrenching interview with a Jewish Polish woman in her 90's as she recounts her life of Nazi occupied Poland during WWII. "Her story broke my heart and kept me up several nights while I was writing", Noakes explains. All these and much more are held in this unique, one of a kind book of know-how.

"How to Survive and Thrive When the Power is Out", offers secrets from our ancient sisters to early  1900's domestic divas. Our great grandmothers kept her family comfortable and healthy without electricity. How did she do it? Every woman with children will want this one in her go bag for sure.

It is a time that has come, many families today are simply wishing for a little more self reliance and peace of mind. You will want this one for your personal library because I guarantee you will come back to it time and again. Also, within each section you will find perfect pages to catalog your own stories and triumphs to pass down to future generations.

Power outages seem to be a way of life for many of us now, with unpredictable weather, and sabre rattling by out of control groups and governments. One never knows what might be just over the horizon.

Because of some of the interviews from real women's experiences, I included a controversial section on "Ladies and babies needs." How to make your own pregnancy test. Herbs and other birth control methods and making baby formula and diapers when these items are unavailable. Why teen girls and young women are most vulnerable in times of war and occupation.

Peak inside;
Section 1--Analyzing a disaster--35 items that disappear first--10 diseases seen first after a disaster
Section 2--On your own--Your sister, her husband and 6 kids, it's not a vacation-- This section has a contact that you are encouraged to copy and pass out to those who plan on staying at your place should all hell break loose.
How to Survive and Thrive. . .Sections 3 + 4-- discuss water and sanitation
Section 5--Keeping food cold
Section 6--Sleeping when the wind blows--herbs that induce sleep--more
Section 7--Winters cabin fever--more
Section 8--Appetite fatigue and bad behavior--Basic recipes--more
Section 9--discusses making soap
Section 10--Preserving the hunt--more
Section 11--Before the toilet gets nasty
Section 12--discusses ladies and babies needs + emergency baby formula--more
Section 13--Getting a bath when there is no power
Section 14--Herbal Remedies, quick reference--more
Section 15--Using hot rocks
Section 16--Rediscovering what great granny knew

And so much more.

Noakes has also, included *Signals for help* international ground to air symbols. Those folks stranded on their roof after hurricane Katrina would have been greatly aided by these communication symbols, if only they had known. This will be one of those books that you will want to pack in your go bag and keep handy at all times when disaster strikes.  Available from this site or Ask for it at your local book sellers, if you don't see it on their shelf.

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