Sunday, August 14, 2011

Greenhouse plans and heating ideas Updated Photos Updated photos--Getting the greenhouse ready.

 We need the extra greenhouse growing space. So what to do? We have no extra money and no time to save up for the good stuff. So here's what we came up with;

                                       We started with a few 2X2's and built a 3 sided frame.

We positioned the new greenhouse over an existing raised bed.

Next we threw some chicken fencing over the frame and used staples to hold the chicken wire in place.

A snow storm came before we were able to finish this, it held up very well. If you look at the inside roof area, you can see that we braced the wire on the top. Now all we need to do is close up the ends. With this type of structure, I think sapplings could be used as the skeletal frame should the need arise. Over all, it can be built in a day and put to use immediately with minnimal cash investment.

Updated Photos:

This summer I peeled back the plastic and planted green bell peppers. By September they are producing very well.  

With the threat of frost coming this week, I can slap a piece of plastic on the front and have some frost protection. Peppers love the heat and even with this years lack of rain the thrived in this bed. Watering them was easiler too.

This is a picture of our in floor woodstove, it was taken just December 9th.  The model sits about 2 inches above the gravel.

This is the firebox for our in floor stove. It holds a fire very well. If the smoke doesn't seem to want to draw up the chimney, I put a pebble on the lip if the barrel and let the lid sit on it. This will create a tiny gap and draws in enough air to suck the smoke up the chimney.

Chimney placement of the new woodstove. Click on the pictures to make them larger.
As you can see in the picture, the other chimney was too close to the raised bed and scortched the wood.

Chimney resting in a metal roof cap. We wired it to the roof supports for added security.

The chimney, 2 feet above the roof.

July 2011, sweetpotatoes growing this far north! We made candied sweetpotatoes for Thankgiving. They were even better tasting than anything you get at the grocery store. It is most likely phsycological, just because we grew them ourselves.

New photos as of September 2012

The fall food production is under way. In the picture there is Swiss Chard under the bench. Nasturtiums growing every where and Tah Tsoi (Japanese Mustard) growing on top.

Lettuce, spinach, tomatoes in the back  and more Tah Tsoi in the barrel.

Zucchini in a bucket. Now that the greenhouse is closed up I need to hand pollinate. I do have several little zucchinis forming.

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