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So the elders said, "When you see the sun rising in the. . .

" Compassion for others is a strong prerequisite for all that survive the earth changes, for compassion and caring for others will be a natural and inherent trait for those who will carry on in the Age of Peace.
                              As told to Mary Summer Rain by the Cherokee prophet No Eyes.

                  1986 Continental Indigenous Council, Fairbanks, Alaska

                                                       by Lee Brown, Cherokee

There was the cycle of mineral, the rock. There was the cycle of the plant. And now we are in the cycle of the animal coming to the end of that and beginning the cycle of the human being. When we get into the cycle of the human being, the highest and greatest powers that we have will be released to us.

At the beginning of the cycle of time, long ago, the Great Spirit made an appearance and gathered the peoples of this earth together, and said to the human beings.  "I'm going to send you to four directions and over time I'm going to change you into four colors. I'm going to give you some teachings, and you will call these the Original Teachings; when you come back together with each other, you will share these so that you can live and have peace on Earth, and a great civilization will come about. During the cycle of time, I'm going to give each of you two stone tablets. When I give you those stone tablets, don't cast them upon the ground. If any of the sisters and brothers cast their tablets on the ground, not only will human beings have a hard time, but almost the earth itself with die."

And so He gave each of us a responsibility, and we call that the Guardianship.

To the Indian people, the red people, He gave the Guardianship of the Earth. We are to learn during this cycle of time the teachings of the Earth; the plants that grow form the Earth; the foods that you can eat, and the herbs that heal. Then, when we came back together with the other sisters and brothers, we could share this knowledge with them. Something good was to happen to the Earth.

To the South He gave the yellow race of people the Guardianship of the wind. They were to learn about the sky and breathing and how to take that within ourselves for spiritual advancement. They were to share that with us at this time.

To the West He gave the black race of people the Guardianship of the Water. They were to learn the teachings of the water, which is the chief of the elements, being the most humble and the most powerful. The elders have told me that the black people would bring the teachings of the water.

To the North He gave the white people race of people the Guardianship of the Fire. If you look at the center of many of the things they do, you will find the fire. They say a light bulb is the white mans' fire. If you look at the center of a car you will find a spark. If you look at the center of the airplane and the train you will find the fire. The fire consumes, and also moves. This why it was the white sisters and brothers who began to move upon the face of the earth and reunite us as a human family.

And so a long time passed, and the Great Spirit gave each of the four races two stone tablets. Ours are kept at the Hopi Reservation in Arizona at Four Corners Area on Third Mesa. I talked to people from the black race, and their stone tablets are at the foot of Mount Kenya. They are kept by the Kukuyu Tribe. I was at an Indian Spiritual gathering about 15 years ago.

A medicine man from South Dakota put a beaded medicine wheel in the middle of the gathering. It had the four colors from the four directions; he asked the people, "Where is this from?" They said, "Probably Montana, or South Dakota, maybe Saskatchewan." He said, "This is from Kenya. It was beaded just like ours, with the same colors."

The stone tablets of the yellow race of people are kept by the Tibetans. If you went straight through the Hopi Reservation to the other side of the world, you would come out in Tibet. The Tibetan word for sun is the Hopi word for the moon, and the Hopi word for sun is the Tibetan word for moon.

The guardians of the traditions of the people of Europe are the Swiss. In Switzerland, they still have a day when each family brings out its mask. They still know the colors of the families, and they still know the symbols, some of them. Each of these four peoples happens to live in the mountains.

Each of the four races went to their directions and learned their teachings. It was in Newsweek not long ago that . . .

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Friday, March 20, 2015

How to Survive and Thrive When the Power is Out - J.L. Noakes : Xlibris

How to Survive and Thrive When the Power is Out - J.L. Noakes : Xlibris

Now available in your local bookstore and on

When the power is out is a compilation of secrets, recipes, remedies and daily basic know-how for living at a time without electricity. Great Grandmother survived very well without electricity and passed on her household secrets, preserved here before they are lost to us forever.

Take a look inside-----  ISBN:978-1-5035-4866-4
Section 1
Analyzing a disaster (natural and man-made)
35 Items that disappear first after a disaster
10 diseases seen first after a disaster
Section 2
On your own
Your sister, husband and 6 kids. . . .
Section 3
Water and the human body
Thirst and dehydration
Collecting water
To make a simple saline solution
To make an oral hydration solution
That water is not safe
Filtering water the natural way
Section 4
Bleach as a disinfectant
Vinegar as an antiseptic
Hydrogen peroxide
Rubbing alcohol
Other helpers
Effectiveness of antibacterial spices and herbs
Section 5
Keeping food cold when the power is out

And much, much more.
Ask for it at your favorite book store, also, out as an e-book on  Use your paypal account over at in da woods. Here we explore life in the backwoods and more ways to live comfortably when the power goes out.

"The two most important days in your life were the day you were born and the day you find out why." Mark Twain

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Decissions and frigid temeratures

The temperatures this February evening dropped rapidly as the wind kicks up the powdery white stuff and lands it in places where it is least welcomed. The woodstove chimney shivers with protests as old man winter admires his own strength. It seems as if it were forever since the warmth of the sun comforted my old bones. I think I'd even welcome a huge wood spider stomping across the ceiling right now as opposed to this draft streaming through the cracks of our tired old cabin.

Husband and I had a serious discussion last week about whether to continue the homestead or move to warmer digs. We even went as far as to contact rental agents, we felt this was the right move, at least at that moment.  When it came right down to it, what we discovered, we didn't have the heart to leave, to just abandon, our homestead children. So until or when our bodies finally have had enough, we will continue to dedicate ourselves and to nurture that which we have etched out of this forested wilderness.
For the last several months I have had my head buried in a manuscript. If not for the fact I am not a professional writer, I feel the information that I present the reader is very pertinent and worth the effort. I am very close to having it published. The contract has been signed and now all awaits proofs and cover design approvals. They tell me 120 days.

"How to Survive and Thrive When the Power is Out"

This is not a prepper manual, it is an after the disaster life saver. Researched and written especially for those who believed there will always be someone to rescue them or anyone just wanting more self-reliance in their lives. "When the Power is Out" is a guide for basic everyday know-how when *normal* has been turned off. It is not for the squeamish, this book discusses real human issues.
You will be able to find it on Amazon books and by asking for it by name at any of the larger book stores, although, it will be a few months before that happens. I'll update when more information is available.

So until Lady spring shows old man winter the door, we will keep the wood stove cranking and the hot chocolate coming. Waiting for spring as the daylight becomes stronger is the toughest part of this time of year. Waiting for signs of life, green sprouts and chirping frogs.

Excerpt from  "When the Power is Out"~~ Sleeping when the wind blows~~Getting a good night sleep.

One of the most irritating things about being without power is trying to sleep when your feet are cold. On a really cold March night our oil furnace quit working at 1am. It happened to be Sunday. Of course, it was the weekend, that is when this stuff happens, right? To make matters worse, it happened to be the coldest March in the history of our area. The air temperature dropped to -30 that night into the early morning. The kids were all tucked into their beds and were unaware that the heat was out, luckily. We were caught totally off guard. We had no electric blankets or any other source of heating. The indoor temperature dropped so fast that even the bowl of dogs water on the kitchen floor began to ice over. What we learned that night and what we did was one of the best learning and memorial experiences we had to date. The book is up and running. you can see it and more at Handy Granny in da Woods.