Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Michigan's Upper Peninsula pics

More U.P. pictures over at in da woods.

Evening at Stromburg Lake campgrounds, Dickinson County
Not a ripple in the water makes the lake look like a mirror.
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Early morning, still ripple free.
Breakfast cooking.
Stromburg lake is man made. Here is a picture of the dam that was made to back up a small river to make the lake. This dam is slightly different than what you would expect.

This picture of the inside of the dam facing west. The next picture is the other half of the dam facing east.

The afternoon sun was warm and friendly with a light breeze tickling my cheek, combined with the constant rush of the falling water over the dam, I was lulled into a wonderfully comfortable hypnotic meditation. Suddenly, I was slapped back into reality when 3 guys in a boat show up.
I was kind of pissed. I guess boys must play.
On my way back to camp, a dragonfly begged for my attention in the Milk Vetch patch.
Can you find Waldo?